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When blended to the proper ratio, RACE GAS can take your ordinary pump gasoline and transform it into high octane, high energy, track grade racing fuel. RACE GAS will keep you from ever running out of racing fuel.


RACE GAS wasn’t created by some gigantic super company. It was created by gear heads and weekend racers just like you. Real Power knows the importance of high quality racing fuel.


While Motorsports Fuel and Equipment was founded in 2011, development of its first product started three years earlier with an expensive race engine destroyed by bad racing fuel. While competing in a road course race, our founder burned a hole in the piston of a very expensive flat six motor. When the engine was torn down there were signs of detonation in each cylinder. Even though the pump at the track stated the fuel was 110 octane, the destroyed engine told a much different story.

At this point the search went out to find equipment that could be used to measure the octane of fuel before putting it in the tank. Options were very limited and extremely expensive. As it turns out there really is no easy or inexpensive way to test the octane of race fuel in the field. As a result we began to look at the problem from the other end, the race fuel itself.

Due to several changes in federal and Minnesota state law it is nearly impossible to legally transport large quantities of fuel by highway. So our search began for a product that we could add to pump gas to raise the octane and energy to that of race fuel. We found a few products that claim they could raise the octane but couldn’t verify or guarantee the octane levels it could achieve. We also found some enthusiast websites that had recipes for « home brew » octane boost. When we analyzed these « home brews » we found that the components in these blends would damage the engine, not raise the octane significantly, or both.

Over the course of the next two years, we spoke with hundreds of experts and analyzed hundreds of blends. We created several « test candidates » that were tested by our two independent laboratory partners. After much searching, we finally came up with the one that we thought performed the best. As we moved forward to put this formula into production, the federal government stepped in. Our blend used too much organometallic compounds to be produced legally. While at the time we felt this was a huge setback, it actually turned out to be the giant leap forward.

The federal ban caused our several chemists and petrochemical suppliers to formulate the blend that became RACE GAS. When we tested this blend using ASTM D 2699 and 2700 tests, the new formula blended with pump gas produced results better than the formula originally banned by the Government. (See the test results). This blend performed better than anything else we had seen or tested! We had found the sweet spot for our product.

Since then we have used RACE GAS in everything from a 944 Turbo race car, a modified Audi TT, a Hemi Magnum, a Hemi Challenger, and modified VW R32, a Corvette and many other cars. All demonstrated increases in power, throttle response, and torque, (you can see the dyno test results of many of these cars on our test results page).

While we are thrilled to bring RACE GAS to the enthusiast market we are not satisfied there. Over the next year we will be launching several other motor sports products like RACE GAS Leaded formulation, RACE GAS Ctane, and RACE GAS Drag blends. It is our ongoing mission to bring high quality, unique, products to the motor sports market.

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