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Do You Want To Know All About How A Race Car Is Built?

Do You Want To Learn How A Race Car Works?

Do You Want To Learn How To Setup A Race Car For Competition?

Do You Want To Learn How To Setup The Car To Win Consistently?

Do You Want To Learn The Very Latest In Racing Technology?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then Race Car Technology series of books is perfect for you! Taught by leading professionals who actually race. We provide three different levels of learning to suit your interests.

CRD Publications announces the Race Car Technology book series. Everything you need to go faster is here. By reading these books, you will learn all about the parts and pieces of a race car and how to design and setup those cars for maximum performance. We present information that is NEW and IMPORTANT to know.

You have taken the first step in furthering your knowledge and understanding of the systems and parts of a dedicated race car. This book series will take you through the process of setting up a race car and help you:

  •  Become familiar with the all of the components on a race car
  •  Learn how the various parts of the car interact
  •  Learn how to setup and tune the different chassis components
  •  Become educated in the physics and dynamics all race teams use to develop winning setups

The RCT book series will explain how all of the relevant systems that race teams and engineers work with on a daily basis can be put together into a winning package. The information is State of the Art, and up-to-date in every aspect. Learn what winning teams already know and how they produce performance. Even though we present highly technical information, the books are written to be easily understood, and in everyday language, so that everyone can benefit from the vast amount of practical knowledge in the three Levels of RCT.

The Lessons in each book are arranged in a predetermined and logical order so that as you begin working with the knowledge, it will all make perfect sense. In fact, the order in some cases is critical so that the information builds on what has previously been discussed.

Most of the information is relevant to all race cars, and some of the information is specific to certain types of racing and specific race cars. Every race team will benefit from the extensive range and detail contained in the RCT series of books. The basic technology is common among a wide range of race cars from simple street stock circle track cars to sophisticated prototype road racing and formula cars.

BOB BOLLES AUTHOR AND PUBLISHERBob is a long time race car engineer, consultant, inventor, technical author and manufacturer. He has been teaching the art of race car setup for over twenty years. He began his career in the early 1990’s with short track late models. Since that time, he has consulted with racers all over the world through the use of his unique racing setup software and since 2002 as a technical contributor to racing magazines.

He has helped a vast number of teams win races, track championships and series championships across many varied forms of racing on circle tracks as well as road racing courses. He has previously authored two books titled Stock Car Setup Secrets and Advanced Race Car Chassis Technology, both published by HP Books. The Race Car Technolgy series of books published by CRD Publications represents a major update to the material presented in those books.

Bob has traveled to race tracks all across the U.S. and talked with and helped many thousands of racers have more success. Now through the RCT Series of books, he seeks to further educate everyone who participates in the sport of auto racing with new and exciting information.

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