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Summum Performance is a brand new business with great ambitions willing to deserve canadian devotees of modifications and auto racing. Our coordination, structured operation and excellent customer service will make us avant-gardist in this field. We are always searching for information on new products to grow our knowledge to serve our clients effectively.

Beyond passion, there is our great implication in everything around This is why we built a sponsorship program never seen before in Canada to support auto racing nationnaly. Besides, don't be surprise to see us at many racing event, where it will be a pleasure to have a chat with you.

Our services are geared specifically on customer satisfaction. Personalized coaching to customers' needs and professional advices in connection with our high level knowledge of the performance and competition market, make us a successful and professional team.

Being consumers ourselves, we are at the forefront to find what customers needs are. We are implementing our knowledge to make sure that each customer gets satisfaction when doing business with us. We combine 16 years of professional experience in the field of automotive and performance and over 25 years of experience in auto racing.

Our team

Randy Goulet

Specialties: Stock-Car, Road Racing, Fabrication, Suspension, Tires

It's after many experiences in the motorsports world that Randy decided to make career in the automotive and live in a field that fascinates him. Randy was involved in racing since is young age going from karting, ice racing, stock car to road racing. He trained himself as an auto mechanic and board sales and representation which led him to his ultimate goal: having a performance and competition auto parts store. Having great sucess with customer service in his previous job, he really knows that you need to have a spotless customer service to stand apart from the competition. Being invested in the auto industries for many years, Randy have been personally involved in a lot of good and bad racing scenarios to really target a specific need for racers and serious enthusiast. His determination has always led him to where he wants to be. Never afraid to go 100% in the chase of sucess, he is ready to sacrifice everything for his new venture, he even sold his own race car. In a field evolving at high speed, he is constantly looking to offer what is best for each of his customers.

Maxime Blouin

Specialties: Drag, Road Racing, Engine, Forced Induction, Suspension

Maxime is also around motorsports since he's 10years old and was involved in alot of projects. He studied mechanical engineering and graduated in business management. Always been attracted by racing, Maxime decided to work in the automotive industry to live his passion every day. He was manager in a Quebec city auto parts store for 4 years. Ordered and structured in his tasks, he his empathic with his customers and will do everything possible to conduct client's project foward. Summum Performance will allow him to offer a better service to the performance and competition crowd. Always in quest of new technologies, he wants to make sure that stands apart with their high efficency advises. With his good analysis capacity, he will always bring the company further, keeping in the foreground the values of professionalism and integrity which make a unique venture.


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